Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

Time has seemingly scrapped by since quarantine swept over all of us back in March. But even with the days slowly marching by, we have finally landed in October. This month we celebrate the Reformation and our kids get to run around our neighborhoods (hopefully) to chase after the spoils of Trick or Treating. October… Continue reading Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

The Scriptures Speak of the Savior

Some may say that the Old Testament is an antiquated book that contains cute little Sunday School stories. Others will shove away the thought of a God who judges but also saves a remnant. While some may discard and overlook the Old Testament, Jesus testifies that all Scriptures testify of Him. Every chapter. Every book. The… Continue reading The Scriptures Speak of the Savior

5 Ways To Be The Encourager God Wants You To Be

But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. ~ Hebrews 3:13 We see in Hebrews a clear mandate in Scripture for the church to come around one another and find ways to push one another in the right direction. But… Continue reading 5 Ways To Be The Encourager God Wants You To Be

Can the Bible Be Trusted?

I am often asked about the reliability of Scripture from my students in the ministry of Collide.  While it is certainly a complex answer, the short answer is yes.  While the answer to this question is too involved to type in a blog, I thought I'd share a recent sermon that I preached.  I spoke… Continue reading Can the Bible Be Trusted?

Is It True? All Leaders are Readers?

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” - Harry Truman This is a quote from Truman that I'm sure a few of you have come across over the years.  It certainly does ring true in many cases.  We can all picture a person in our lives who has a voracious appetite for… Continue reading Is It True? All Leaders are Readers?

Taking Small Steps to Encourage

Youth ministry can, at times, be physically, emotionally and spiritually draining.  Weird hours, low pay, constant pressure to keep up with a changing student world can leave one asking, "Why do I do this?"  Obviously being called by God is "why I do this" but there are also those times when a student takes an… Continue reading Taking Small Steps to Encourage