The Bride Is Still Beautiful

We live in a day and age of bad news. There’s mass shootings, wildfires, hurricanes, social & political division and distrust in the highest levels of government. Everywhere you look it seems like the world is holding on by a thread. Turning your gaze to the church doesn’t seem to make things any better. You… Continue reading The Bride Is Still Beautiful

Reflecting God’s Glory Globally

One of the most universally understood calls to Christians in Scripture is to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations."  Though universally understood, one may say that this is a call from Scripture that is ignored, underfunded and grossly neglected in practice by the church as a whole.  Take moment and run through a… Continue reading Reflecting God’s Glory Globally

Why Missions is Important

Every year, our church hosts a conference that is centered on missions and sharing the gospel globally as well as locally among our family and friends.  The Great Commission is a vital command to the Christian faith, that we may "go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS" and this weekend is centered on that. I… Continue reading Why Missions is Important