“I’m Worn Out” – A Plea to Exhausted Pastors & Their People

I have been back to the traveling aspect of my ministry since July and I have noticed a consistent reality among those who are leading our churches. It affects pastors regardless of ministry title: lead pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor or children’s pastor. This cloud is hanging over pastors of both small and large churches.… Continue reading “I’m Worn Out” – A Plea to Exhausted Pastors & Their People

Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

Time has seemingly scrapped by since quarantine swept over all of us back in March. But even with the days slowly marching by, we have finally landed in October. This month we celebrate the Reformation and our kids get to run around our neighborhoods (hopefully) to chase after the spoils of Trick or Treating. October… Continue reading Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

Interview with Josh King

This week we talk with Josh King, pastor of 2nd Baptist Conway, Arkansas. We talk about many aspects of guiding a ministry well: leadership, casting vision and navigating culture. Yet, my greatest takeaway from this interview was soaking in the fact that God loves us. Josh came to Christ, in part, because of a church… Continue reading Interview with Josh King

Interview with David Tarkington

This week we are bringing you another episode of The Pastor's Corner. This week I talk with my good friend and pastor David Tarkington. David serves as the Lead Pastor for First Baptist Church of Orange Park, Florida and is founder of the First Family Network of churches and campus locations. He is also the… Continue reading Interview with David Tarkington

The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

***If you haven't heard Mark Driscoll's interview with Brian Houston, it will provide a glimpse into Driscoll's heart nearly a year after he stepped away from Mars Hill Church. You can see that lengthy interview here.*** Flash back to 2011. In evangelical Christian circles, there were few pastors in America who held a more successful… Continue reading The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

The Balancing Act of Ministry

Monday mornings are tough.  Mondays are no better for many pastors & teachers within the church.  Sunday for the pastor may mean having to teach as many as three or four different times, on three or four different topics.  Sundays can be very draining.  Then comes Monday morning.  The congregation is gone and off to… Continue reading The Balancing Act of Ministry

Do Pastors’ Conferences Do Any Good?

Pastors' conference (n.) - a gathering of mostly middle aged men gathering together to hear hours of sermons and breakout sessions. I don't think you're going to find that definition in Webster's Dictionary, but if you were to ask the average person to describe a pastors' conference that is likely the answer you will get. … Continue reading Do Pastors’ Conferences Do Any Good?