The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

***If you haven't heard Mark Driscoll's interview with Brian Houston, it will provide a glimpse into Driscoll's heart nearly a year after he stepped away from Mars Hill Church. You can see that lengthy interview here.*** Flash back to 2011. In evangelical Christian circles, there were few pastors in America who held a more successful… Continue reading The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

Dodging Pastoral Hero Worship

Favorites. We all have them.  Favorite drink at Starbucks.  Favorite sports team.  Favorite vacation spot.  And yes, even favorite pastor.  You know, that one guy that you try to catch their podcast or their service on television when you can.  The preacher whose book you buy whenever a new one comes out. Guys like David… Continue reading Dodging Pastoral Hero Worship