Doing The Hard Work of Loving Well

Loving others well means that we have create enough margin in our lives to meet others in the mess of life. If our schedule absorbs so much of our time to where we can't love others where they're at - then we're too busy. Loving people is never easy or convenient. It is often uncomfortable,… Continue reading Doing The Hard Work of Loving Well

The Difference That A Daddy Makes

"Being a daddy will change your life." When I heard this phrase years ago I chalked it up as a "No-Duh" kind of statement.  In my early twenties I figured the life change centered around changing diapers, buying baby food and watching Blue's Clues.  I had no idea of the life change that was in… Continue reading The Difference That A Daddy Makes

Churches Loving Other Churches

Generally, the mark of disciples and the church as a whole is love.  We are called to love our husbands and wives.  To love orphans and widows.  To love our enemies.  In fact, the mark of the disciple is their love for other believers (John 13:35) which is something typically flesh out well in the… Continue reading Churches Loving Other Churches