Easter – My One True Hope

Being born without arms immediately placed my physical appearance in the forefront of people’s first impression of me. That first impression ran a wide range of opinions from people thinking that I was interesting and inspirational all the way to being considered odd and a freak. I lived the first 15 years of my life… Continue reading Easter – My One True Hope

Why “Just Preach The Gospel” Is Not Enough

The fracturing among the Southern Baptist Convention has been quietly building to a crescendo over the past year as the yearly annual convention gathering sits just 3 months away. Convention wide issues – critical race theory & racism, Beth Moore leaving the convention, JD Greear’s SBC leadership  - are gaining steam in social media circles… Continue reading Why “Just Preach The Gospel” Is Not Enough

Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Hope is the greatest need of man. A man can survive for a time without food or water, but man struggles to move forward without a sense of hope in their life. Man assumed that hope would be ushered in with a new year and a new administration leading American politics. Man was wrong. The… Continue reading Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

The Lie of “My Best Life Now”

The groaning of this world (Romans 8:22) wasn’t going to instantly change because Jesus was now my Savior and Lord. That’s the promise ONE day, not TOday. While the circumstances of my life were not categorically changing and improving – my hope and my help had. I now had a Friend, a Strength, a Shepherd and an Advocate. He was what I really needed.

How Paul Crushes the Prosperity Gospel in Three Verses

Many of us have had times in our life where everything seems to go wrong at the same time.  Every choice you make is the wrong one.  You can't seem to make enough money to pay all the bills.  You lose a loved one.  All within a month.  The world is closing in around you. … Continue reading How Paul Crushes the Prosperity Gospel in Three Verses

A Comfort That’s Bigger Than Pain

Suffering.  Pain.  Heartbreak.  Fear.  Sickness.  Worry.  Death. All these words carry with them a complete uneasiness.  There are few, if any of us who would wish any of these things on another human being.  However, these horrible words will one day sweep over us like a tidal wave, washing away the resolution of our spirit… Continue reading A Comfort That’s Bigger Than Pain