You Have A Story to Tell

There are a couple of questions that are almost a given whenever I go out into public. The first is, “Are you cold?” Which is a question I definitely understand.  There’s just not a category for people when they meet someone without arms. There’s no way that I am missing both arms, so I have… Continue reading You Have A Story to Tell

The Lie of “My Best Life Now”

The groaning of this world (Romans 8:22) wasn’t going to instantly change because Jesus was now my Savior and Lord. That’s the promise ONE day, not TOday. While the circumstances of my life were not categorically changing and improving – my hope and my help had. I now had a Friend, a Strength, a Shepherd and an Advocate. He was what I really needed.

The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

***If you haven't heard Mark Driscoll's interview with Brian Houston, it will provide a glimpse into Driscoll's heart nearly a year after he stepped away from Mars Hill Church. You can see that lengthy interview here.*** Flash back to 2011. In evangelical Christian circles, there were few pastors in America who held a more successful… Continue reading The Curious & Cautionary Case Of Mark Driscoll

A Comfort That’s Bigger Than Pain

Suffering.  Pain.  Heartbreak.  Fear.  Sickness.  Worry.  Death. All these words carry with them a complete uneasiness.  There are few, if any of us who would wish any of these things on another human being.  However, these horrible words will one day sweep over us like a tidal wave, washing away the resolution of our spirit… Continue reading A Comfort That’s Bigger Than Pain