Interview with Josh King

This week we talk with Josh King, pastor of 2nd Baptist Conway, Arkansas. We talk about many aspects of guiding a ministry well: leadership, casting vision and navigating culture. Yet, my greatest takeaway from this interview was soaking in the fact that God loves us. Josh came to Christ, in part, because of a church… Continue reading Interview with Josh King

Celebrate What You Want To Replicate

Years ago I heard a phrase from JD Greear that has been one of the few quotes that have stuck with me for more than a few weeks: You replicate what you celebrate. Simple phrase but it is a profound reminder - what we make a big deal out of in our ministry will be… Continue reading Celebrate What You Want To Replicate

Leadership Lessons – Clarity is the Key

In the past 17 years I have had the opportunity to lead some amazing teams - both within the church as a student pastor and outside of the church in various para-church organizations. While I am certainly no expert with a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, I have learned quite a bit about leading people and… Continue reading Leadership Lessons – Clarity is the Key

The Scriptures Speak of the Savior

Some may say that the Old Testament is an antiquated book that contains cute little Sunday School stories. Others will shove away the thought of a God who judges but also saves a remnant. While some may discard and overlook the Old Testament, Jesus testifies that all Scriptures testify of Him. Every chapter. Every book. The… Continue reading The Scriptures Speak of the Savior