Why “Just Preach The Gospel” Is Not Enough

The fracturing among the Southern Baptist Convention has been quietly building to a crescendo over the past year as the yearly annual convention gathering sits just 3 months away. Convention wide issues – critical race theory & racism, Beth Moore leaving the convention, JD Greear’s SBC leadership  - are gaining steam in social media circles… Continue reading Why “Just Preach The Gospel” Is Not Enough

The Sin of Pursuing Sameness

So there we were — six of us seated around the table and enjoying each other’s company. Our distinct looking group began to elicit stares. Our group didn’t look like it should go together. At our table were a Lebanese/Brazilian pastor, a bearded pastor born without arms, a black theologian, a white church planter, a… Continue reading The Sin of Pursuing Sameness

Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Hope is the greatest need of man. A man can survive for a time without food or water, but man struggles to move forward without a sense of hope in their life. Man assumed that hope would be ushered in with a new year and a new administration leading American politics. Man was wrong. The… Continue reading Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Three Challenges to Become a People Of Justice

As we sit here on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we acknowledge the work of a man who did much in the way of bringing about justice for all in this country – regardless of the color of a man’s skin. The work of Dr. King, and so many others, has brought about a… Continue reading Three Challenges to Become a People Of Justice

Interview with Josh King

This week we talk with Josh King, pastor of 2nd Baptist Conway, Arkansas. We talk about many aspects of guiding a ministry well: leadership, casting vision and navigating culture. Yet, my greatest takeaway from this interview was soaking in the fact that God loves us. Josh came to Christ, in part, because of a church… Continue reading Interview with Josh King

Celebrate What You Want To Replicate

Years ago I heard a phrase from JD Greear that has been one of the few quotes that have stuck with me for more than a few weeks: You replicate what you celebrate. Simple phrase but it is a profound reminder - what we make a big deal out of in our ministry will be… Continue reading Celebrate What You Want To Replicate