Being (& Making) a Disciple – I Follow

The life of a disciple begins with a simple plea: “Follow Me.” You can see this in the Gospels (in Matthew 4:18-20 & Luke 5:27-28) as Jesus tells men to follow after Him.  Stop what you’re doing.  Cast aside what you’re tied to.  Get out of the boat.  Follow Me. There must be that moment… Continue reading Being (& Making) a Disciple – I Follow

Being (& Making) a Disciple

2,000 years ago, the definition of a disciple was laid out: Disciple - n. - a person who is an adherent or pupil of the doctrines of another; a follower; a person who believes Christ’s teachings, rests in His atoning sacrifice, imbibes His spirit & follows His example. One who is giving (Matt. 10:42), self-sacrificing… Continue reading Being (& Making) a Disciple