Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Hope is the greatest need of man. A man can survive for a time without food or water, but man struggles to move forward without a sense of hope in their life. Man assumed that hope would be ushered in with a new year and a new administration leading American politics. Man was wrong. The… Continue reading Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Tending to the Temple: Faith & Fitness

  At the tail end of this summer I had the opportunity to speak at an area wide event called Youth Week.  Each main session speaker was videoed and the session was put on YouTube.  As soon as I clicked on my YouTube link I was disappointed with what I saw.   My disappointment had… Continue reading Tending to the Temple: Faith & Fitness

The Aggressive Streak in Christianity

The words "aggressive" and "Christianity" are words that when paired together, bring out hard to swallow moments in Christian history.  It is very easy to picture moments like the Crusades and The Spanish Inquisition.  We picture denominations splitting over varying opinions of non-essential doctrine.  We think of protestors who say hurtful things and hold vile… Continue reading The Aggressive Streak in Christianity