Good Reads: Follow Me by David Platt

Before 2010, the vast majority of the Christian world had no idea who David Platt was.  Then he wrote something called "Radical", a manuscript that was originally intended to be used among the members of the church he pastors.  Yet, something with such mild expectations, turned into book that lodged itself on New York Times… Continue reading Good Reads: Follow Me by David Platt

Dodging Pastoral Hero Worship

Favorites. We all have them.  Favorite drink at Starbucks.  Favorite sports team.  Favorite vacation spot.  And yes, even favorite pastor.  You know, that one guy that you try to catch their podcast or their service on television when you can.  The preacher whose book you buy whenever a new one comes out. Guys like David… Continue reading Dodging Pastoral Hero Worship

Being (& Making a Disciple) – More than a Prayer

"Just pray this prayer after me." For many Christians, this is how their relationship with Christ began.  It was a starting point after which they joined a body of believers, were carefully discipled and grew to serve the church & share the gospel. However, some people, after repeating a prayer they are lead to believe… Continue reading Being (& Making a Disciple) – More than a Prayer