Adopted Blood Brothers

***This piece was originally published on Desiring God. You can read the original here.*** So there we were — six of us seated around the table and enjoying each other’s company. Our distinct looking group began to elicit stares. Our group didn’t look like it should go together. At our table were a Lebanese/Brazilian pastor,… Continue reading Adopted Blood Brothers

Relationships & Community – Must Haves in Youth Ministry

School is out and summer is here!!  If any of you are involved in Youth Ministry in any way, you know that this is a busy time of year.  Last Wednesday was no different for us.  That morning, a student came by the house for an hour to talk and hang out with my wife… Continue reading Relationships & Community – Must Haves in Youth Ministry

The Balancing Act of Ministry

Monday mornings are tough.  Mondays are no better for many pastors & teachers within the church.  Sunday for the pastor may mean having to teach as many as three or four different times, on three or four different topics.  Sundays can be very draining.  Then comes Monday morning.  The congregation is gone and off to… Continue reading The Balancing Act of Ministry