“Christ is better.” I knew Daniel when he was a middle and high school student and watched him struggle into an embrace of this truth. It was, and is, a beautiful story that moves me to wonder and gratefulness. His story will show you that your worth in Christ is far better than all the arms in the universe.

~ JD Greear, pastor of Summit Church, president of the Southern Baptist Convention; author of Gaining By Losing and Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

What an incredibly important story for our culture to embrace: our affliction gives God glory and is for our good. Daniel’s story is absolutely beautiful, inspiring, challenging and honest. I found myself mesmerized as he described his pain and struggle while still elevating the goodness and purposes of God. Daniel’s story will make you love Jesus more and want to surrender all you have (no matter what) to chase after Him.

~ Aaron Ivey, worship pastor, The Austin Stone

Daniel’s passion for the gospel leads to some wonderful expressions of humility, and the call to boldly proclaim the gospel to others regardless of our current situation and context. His testimony will challenge you and encourage you in all these ways and more.

~ Tony Merida, pastor for preaching at Imago Dei Church; author of Faithful Preaching and Orphanology

Daniel Ritchie is a gifted communicator with a unique ability to connect with an audience and with individuals. He speaks truth and always points to the redeeming message of the gospel and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Oh, he doesn’t have arms. Did you know that? That seems to be why many know of him, but seriously, once you hear him preach, you realize that his “affliction” truly has been used by God for His glory. We loved having Daniel here at our church and look forward to having him back again.

~ David Tarkington, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church Orange Park, FL

Our student body thoroughly enjoyed listening to Daniel and his message. I’ve had several students and parents comment that his message resonated with them and they took his message to heart. We would love to have him back anytime. He was  able to effectively communicate with high school students in a way that really made them think about how they treated others.

~ Mike Ripplinger, Principal, Union County High School, Lake Butler Florida

Daniel Ritchie met and exceeded all our expectations.  We had him come out to speak and build relationships with our students and his ability to strike up conversations with students was impressive.  He was a catalyst of hope for our students and motivated them to look outside themselves and look for opportunities to provide hope for other especially during this difficult time.  Thank you Daniel for being obedient to God’s calling in your life.

~ Nathan Smith, Director of Student Life, Valley Christian School, San Jose California