Valuable Means More Than Viable

The comments that Ralph Northam, governor of Virginia, offered up this week on abortion were thoughts that hit far too close to home for me. At birth, I was deemed not viable by my doctor, but here I am 34 years later having a national speaking and preaching career while having the blessing to care… Continue reading Valuable Means More Than Viable

The Scriptures Speak of the Savior

Some may say that the Old Testament is an antiquated book that contains cute little Sunday School stories. Others will shove away the thought of a God who judges but also saves a remnant. While some may discard and overlook the Old Testament, Jesus testifies that all Scriptures testify of Him. Every chapter. Every book. The… Continue reading The Scriptures Speak of the Savior

“Different” Isn’t A Bad Thing

“Weirdo.” “Gross.” “Freak.” Those are words I’ve had spoken to me over the past few years at restaurants. All of them, directed at me, not because I was doing anything offensive, mind you.  No, I was being shamed because I was eating.  The issue is … that I don’t eat like everyone else.  I eat… Continue reading “Different” Isn’t A Bad Thing