The Sin of Pursuing Sameness

So there we were — six of us seated around the table and enjoying each other’s company. Our distinct looking group began to elicit stares. Our group didn’t look like it should go together. At our table were a Lebanese/Brazilian pastor, a bearded pastor born without arms, a black theologian, a white church planter, a… Continue reading The Sin of Pursuing Sameness

Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

Hope is the greatest need of man. A man can survive for a time without food or water, but man struggles to move forward without a sense of hope in their life. Man assumed that hope would be ushered in with a new year and a new administration leading American politics. Man was wrong. The… Continue reading Hope Amid a Landscape of Hurt

How to Be Pro-life in a Pro-Choice World

Today marks 48 years since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down, leading to an estimated 62 million abortions since that Supreme Court case. Even as that decision stands as law, Christians see the sanctity of human life in a different way than the courts do. Christians are meant to be people of life… Continue reading How to Be Pro-life in a Pro-Choice World

Three Challenges to Become a People Of Justice

As we sit here on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we acknowledge the work of a man who did much in the way of bringing about justice for all in this country – regardless of the color of a man’s skin. The work of Dr. King, and so many others, has brought about a… Continue reading Three Challenges to Become a People Of Justice

3 Value Statements Needed in The Pro-Life Movement

I have been a Christ follower for more than two decades now and I’d say that for those 20+ years that I have been characterized as a guy who has been “pro-life.” I’ve been someone who says that life begins in the womb and needs to be protected. Our family strongly supports adoption as my… Continue reading 3 Value Statements Needed in The Pro-Life Movement

Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

Time has seemingly scrapped by since quarantine swept over all of us back in March. But even with the days slowly marching by, we have finally landed in October. This month we celebrate the Reformation and our kids get to run around our neighborhoods (hopefully) to chase after the spoils of Trick or Treating. October… Continue reading Appreciate Your Pastor By Interceding For Your Pastor

Interview with Josh King

This week we talk with Josh King, pastor of 2nd Baptist Conway, Arkansas. We talk about many aspects of guiding a ministry well: leadership, casting vision and navigating culture. Yet, my greatest takeaway from this interview was soaking in the fact that God loves us. Josh came to Christ, in part, because of a church… Continue reading Interview with Josh King

Interview with David Tarkington

This week we are bringing you another episode of The Pastor's Corner. This week I talk with my good friend and pastor David Tarkington. David serves as the Lead Pastor for First Baptist Church of Orange Park, Florida and is founder of the First Family Network of churches and campus locations. He is also the… Continue reading Interview with David Tarkington