Christmas Ritchie Raves

***To listen to the Christmas Ritchie Raves podcast episode, CLICK HERE*** This week on The Middle, we share with you guys all of our favorite things that will make great gifts as you dive headlong into Christmas shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend. This is the every man's gift guide. They are all great gifts at reasonable… Continue reading Christmas Ritchie Raves

Value, Viability and The Abortion Debate

Her story and mine, are both wrapped tightly around this highly emotional fight for life debate around the world. I was born full term with no arms, not breathing, and with under new late-term legislation, I would have legally been allowed to die. She is the product of an unwanted, late-term teenage pregnancy that with… Continue reading Value, Viability and The Abortion Debate

Doing The Hard Work of Loving Well

Loving others well means that we have create enough margin in our lives to meet others in the mess of life. If our schedule absorbs so much of our time to where we can't love others where they're at - then we're too busy. Loving people is never easy or convenient. It is often uncomfortable,… Continue reading Doing The Hard Work of Loving Well