Free Advent Study

As we are already full on in the charge into December, it is vital for all of us to keep our focus on the meaning of Christmas amidst all the busyness. While remembering the “reason for the season” is something that has become little more than a trite phrase in the American church, it is a relevant reminder for all of us. We need to find ourselves becoming reacquainted and refreshed by the biblical account of the promised and coming Messiah who spans the whole of Scripture. It is only when we soak in the truths of Advent that are laid out in the Bible that we can we grasp the true reason and power of the coming Christ.

To help refocus our hearts, I have written an Advent Devotional for my church, Christ Community Church. Starting with December 1 and carrying through December 25, this short daily Advent devotional will share Scripture, devotional thoughts, and prayer prompts so that we all can focus on the birth of our Savior. I’d encourage you to take a few minutes every day in an already busy season to join us on this Advent journey.

If you’re not already involved in an Advent study, I’d encourage you to join along with us at Christ Community Church as we prepare room in our lives for our true and coming King.

To get the free 25 day devotional, just CLICK HERE.

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