Friday Five

Harry Truman is credited with the often repeated quote, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Now, Truman wasn’t exactly the picture of wisdom during his time as president but his quote here carries a good bit of weight. Leaders, both inside and outside the church, are on an unending quest to grow and be sharpened by the latest and most debated thoughts.

In keeping with that thought, my heart is to create a list every Friday of the five best pieces I’ve read over the previous week. These articles will most be centered on theology and ethics, but I’m sure there will be some reading from psychology, politics, finance and pop culture. Also, I would venture to say that 50% of what I read is from Sports Illustrated or That means that I will slide in at least one sports piece every week for my fellow sports lovers out there.

To read each piece, just click the title and you will be taken directly to it. Without any more lead in –

Here’s this week’s Friday Five:


1) 5 Christian Women Who Have Shaped Culture by Amanda Aucoin

On the heels of International Women’s Day, this article gives you a glimpse into women that God used to shape the church and the culture around them. It opened my eyes to a couple of women I didn’t even know about.

***Side note – the writers at Intersect Project are some of the best in Christian academia. If you don’t read their site regularly, you need to add it to your bookmarks.***

2) The Day I Discovered An African-American Theologian by Walter Strickland

Dr. Strickland paints a beautiful picture of why both church history and ethnic role models matter. This was a convicting read as I came to the uncomfortable realization that my white privilege spills over into the church.

3) Your Faith Struggles Waiting For God to Make All Things New by Christine Hoover

If you do not know who Christine Hoover is, you need to. She is the most talented Christian writer today that you probably haven’t heard of. This piece fuses beauty, Scriptural content and gritty truth in an exceptional way.

4) Whose Kingdom Come? by Christy Britton

Is your kingdom one your rule or one you serve? This is a great soul-searching piece as Christy challenges to discern what we are truly living for.

5) Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do by Don Yeager

UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin set the Twitter-sphere buzzing with his combine performance last week – 4.38 40 yd dash, 20 rep bench press and a 9’7″ broad jump. He is an amazing athlete who plays linebacker with only one hand. He is the sort of role model athlete that you want your kids looking up to.

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