Building a Platform for Glory

Nearly half of the households in America watched the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl 52 last night. Both teams featured explosive offenses that combined for 1,152 combined yards from scrimmage. That’s the most total yards for any Super Bowl – or any other game – in NFL history.

Leading the Eagles’ high octane attack was former Eagles castoff Nick Foles, who found a way to out duel Tom Brady by passing for 373 yards and 3 TDs. Foles even caught a touchdown on a critical fourth and goal trick play that seemed to turn the tide for the Eagles. This back up turned Super Bowl MVP caught the attention of the of the whole planet with his rocket right arm last night.

Yet, as the world focused on Foles’ steady right arm, something else caught TV viewers’ eyes last night. Hanging from his right wrist was a WWJD bracelet. Once a fad for many Christians in the 90s, Foles was using a throwback piece of fashion to point people to a faith that burned brightly beneath his green Eagles jersey.

But Nick didn’t stop pointing the planet to His Lord with a simple bracelet. As he took the stage last night to touch the Lombardi trophy for the first time and to accept his Super Bowl MVP trophy, he immediately took the opportunity to give all glory to the God who had made him and saved him – but giving God the glory didn’t just stop with Foles.

As head coach Doug Pederson and tight end Zach Ertz took the stage, they were both quick to divert attention from themselves and give God the glory for everything that had just happened in US Bank Stadium. This was more than just a tip of the cap to God. This was a honest and heart-felt acknowledgment of what God had done in the lives of these three men.

God has been a massive part of each man’s life and the Super Bowl was the out pouring of what had already been happening in their lives. Last summer, Foles enrolled in seminary to prepare a career in ministry once he has finished his NFL career. Ertz answered one of the questions at Super Bowl opening night by telling a member of the media that his sole purpose on the planet was to make disciples. Pederson’s faith has played a huge role in his coaching career from his time at a high school in Louisiana to now with the Eagles.

These three Eagles are models for so many in the church as to what it looks like to leverage your platform – no matter what size – for the glory of God. God very purposefully crafted Nick Foles to be 6’6′ and 243 pounds to display the glory of God to an entire planet that was watching a football game last night. Though one day he will be a pastor, God was using Nick as a vessel of His glory completely outside the walls of a church.

The world needs NFL players that love Jesus – but the world also needs mechanics that display God’s glory. Lawyers, teachers, parents, public servants and baristas are all avenues and platforms for displaying God’s glory to whoever maybe watching.

God equips pastors and NFL QBs. He has fearfully and wonderfully made doctors and military personnel for His glory. Each life is representative of a person and their talents which God can use to display His character and grace to a watching world.

The question is: will we use our platform – no matter how small – to display His works to those who are watching?


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