Day 17 – A Pause

This Advent study has been broken up into three 8 day sections so we can see different beautiful facets of the coming of Christ. The first 8 days were centered on the promise of the King who was coming to save all men. The next 8 days looked at the arrival of Jesus by seeing how He affected those around Him as well as the lessons we can learn for the modern church.

The last 8 days leading up to Christmas Eve are going to look at what the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ means for the believer today. This will be a broad look at the weight of the gospel and the very specific ways that Christ rescues the church and then sends her out. Through this, my prayer is that our affections will continue to build towards Jesus.

On this Sunday, today’s devotion is simple: be still. Jesus made a habit of getting away to be before the Lord and pray.

 In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God.” ~ Luke 6:12

In this season of busyness and noise, take time to be still before God. Soak in His character, His presence and His grace in your life. Take note and worship a God who is worthy of all our time and praise.

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