11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day now 9 days away, you need to pull the trigger on your gift ideas in the next few days if you want Amazon Prime to ship your stuff on time.

I’ll be the first to admit that every gift list has a bias to the writer – and in this case that means this list will hit a sweet spot for the guys who love Jesus and love the outdoors. However, I’m convinced this list can have something for every guy out there.

Here’s 11 great gifts to give your dad next Sunday.

1) New City Catechism Devotional by Colin Hansen and Tim Keller

This is a theologically rich and remarkably versatile devotional written in a catechism format. Originally I had purchased this book to aid in writing family devotions for our student ministry – and this book is perfect for that. It features 52 questions and answer (one for every week of the year) followed by corresponding Scripture, a beautifully crafted prayer and commentary by guys like Tim Keller, John Piper, RC Sproul, Jonathan Edwards and many others. Great gift for a guy to grow in theological depth in his study time but also effective for family devotions.

new city

2) Power tools

Guys like to tinker with just about anything, but you need toys to tinker with. This may require talking to your guy’s friends to double check what tools he doesn’t have but a great place to start is with something like a cordless drill or chainsaw.

3) Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

With Yeti’s tumbler running around $30, it makes sense to get your man a cup that works just as well for around 1/3 of the price ($8.74).

4) Family Life of a Christian Leader by Ajith Fernando

Written by a man serving Youth For Christ in Sri Lanka, this book is aimed at men serving within their church. This book is deeply practical and Scripturally faithful at every turn. This book is not just for the pastor – it is for any man who wants to shepherd the church and shepherd his family well.

family life

5) Grilling Tools Set

Nothing says dominion like slapping a hunk of meat on a grill and cooking it. So give your man the tools to exercise dominion with ease. You can find a solid set for $25-$35 at any big box store.

6) A knife

Plain and simple: guys like weapons. The great part about a good knife is that it is not only a weapon but it is a functional tool in everyday life – from cutting open boxes to being a very manly letter opener. Almost any knife will work, but an amazing knife is CRKT’s Snap Lock Folding Knife. Super sharp factory edge and the knife has a locking feature that can be opened and closed one-handed. A great grab for $39 on Amazon.


7) Sheepskin Bible

This is the most expensive item on the list – a solid one will go for around $150 – but it is easily the most priceless item on the list. This is the perfect gift for the student of the Word who would treasure a quality Bible.

8) Buy a night out for your guy

Is he a fan of NASCAR or baseball? Grab him some tickets for him and his buddies to have a night out. Even if it is your local minor league baseball team, just having a night with the boys is the true draw of this gift.

9) Toddy Cold Brew System

Is your man a coffee aficionado? This is an awesome gift. You can make cold brew coffee from home with just a pound of your favorite coffee and some water. One batch from my Toddy makes me about 14-18 cups of cold brew depending on how strong I make it. If you add up the $4 your man spends at Starbucks every time he grabs a cold brew, the $35 price tag on the Toddy system makes it a no brainer.

10) Sockclub.com membership

Now I do not own a single pair of socks to my name, but I’ve had some friends vouch for this site. Great looking and very comfortable, you can have your man looking fashionable for around $12 a month.

11) OxyLED Camping Latern

This is a neat gift for your outdoorsman. It is a light you can hang from just about anywhere – from a camp site lantern hook to the top of your tent – this small but mighty light can serve a ton of purposes. Even has a remote for one click illumination to check out what went bump in the night on your camping trip. It is a fun, $19 gadget for the outdoorsman that has just about everything.

What did I miss? What are some other must-haves to get the dads out there? Leave your ideas in the comment box below.




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