Being (& Making a Disciple) – More than a Prayer

“Just pray this prayer after me.”

For many Christians, this is how their relationship with Christ began.  It was a starting point after which they joined a body of believers, were carefully discipled and grew to serve the church & share the gospel.

However, some people, after repeating a prayer they are lead to believe that prayer they just repeated was all they needed to avoid the torment of hell.  Is this what we have stooped to in order to make the gospel easier to digest?  Have we unbiblically simplified the Great Commission to read “go and make converts” instead of “go and make disciples”?  David Platt says that Jesus’s call for the disciples to follow Him was more than reciting a prayer.

It wasn’t an invitation to pray a prayer.  It was a summons for these men to lose their lives.

The call of a disciple is to “take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow Christ”.  I hope you would take a minute and watch the video below and see if you relationship with Christ is more than just a prayer.



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