Good Reads: “Father Hunger” by Douglas Wilson

One of the things I’ve seen in youth ministry over the last 7 years is the dire need for dads to fiercely pursue Christ and lead their families in that pursuit.  There is a strong connection between students who have a healthy relationship with Christ and godly dads who are leading them.  So when I came across this book, thanks to the guys at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, I had to share.


This book is direct & to the point: God has called men to lead their families….and many men are failing miserably.

However, this book is not out to slam fathers as the reason why the world is screwed up.  Doug Wilson means for this book to push and encourage fathers in their relationship with God the Father so that in turn, men may be better fathers.  Fatherhood is vital to a families spiritual health because fathers are painting a picture for their kids of what real fatherhood is, which in turn shapes a child’s perspective of their Heavenly Father.  Wilson says:

In their families, men are much more important, crucial and influential than they believe themselves to be.

Fathers set the stage for how they kids view almost everything.  Dads can shape everything from a child’s favorite sports team to how they view authority.

A father is responsible to lead his children in a way that helps them, think biblically about everything…Paul requires that kind of commitment here, and he assigns the responsibility for it to fathers.  Fathers, therefore, are the guardians of culture.

So in setting the stage for his book, Wilson goes on to show men from Scripture how to: first and foremost passionately pursue a relationship with Christ in a visible way for one’s children.  Then secondly, he talks about how one can lead their family as a father in the terms Scripture has laid out.

Father Hunger is a great book for anyone who is a father, has a father or may one day be a father.  This book is full of deep insights but it is very readable and features some Twitter-worthy quotes:

We need fathers in the church.  We need authority.  We need some John Knox beards.

I could not recommend a book for fathers more than Father Hunger.  It is useful, insightful and deeply rooted in Scripture.  Wilson’s study into the character of God the Father through the Gospel of John is amazing!  It gives dads a framework for a future study through the book of John.  Get this book.  You won’t look at fatherhood the same way.

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