Get on with the blogging

For many years now I have weighed whether or not to start a blog.  So many thoughts raced through my mind as I thought through this:


“Why would anyone else want to read what climbs out of my head?”


“The gospel can be shared via a blog, right?”


“I am not even remotely as insightful as guys like Piper, Driscoll & Mahaney.”


“I just want a means to encourage believers & brothers in the ministry.”


“No one will read it anyway.”


“If I have an opportunity to share God’s Word by means of a blog, but I refuse, I am being disobedient.”


So after quite a bit of inner wrestling, prayer and some encouragement from my wife I am taking a step into the blogging world.  This blog is simply an overflow from who I am:  A man who has been redeemed, called into ministry, brought into a marriage covenant with my amazing wife Heather and enjoying being a dad to Teague.

This blog will center around those loves and encouraging others in the same journey.  I hope you will be blessed by this site & I look forward to see where God will take this.


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